Check-Up for Emotional Health

Check-Up for Emotional Health
Rochelle Anixt Gold, LMSW, MA


Clinical supervision for individual psychotherapy cases and initial evaluation of treatment planning for LMSW, MA, CSW, limited license, counseling, expressive arts therapists in dance, music and art, and physical medicine specialists in OB-GYN, oncology, neurology and family practice. Supervision will provide clinical insight for early to more advanced practitioners to grow insight and an appreciation of the clinical moment.

develops the psychological understanding of the clinical frame and the phenomenon of the language of the patient to understand their needs and realize their historic and narrative truth.

is an opportunity for shared listening between supervisor and supervisee in reaction to the client’s concerns that will deepen the treatment relationship. An alliance will occur between the supervisor and supervisee using case material. This will allow for an appreciation of the unrealized reactions of the therapist toward the patient, known as the effect of countertransference.

is an integration of behavioral and physical care which will be considered in dually-diagnosed individuals.

lets the supervisee establish a “third ear” to become more insightful when developing a clinical impression of the patient leading to an attunement between patient and therapist. An open-minded impression of the client will emerge to convey the therapist’s understanding of the patient as “being heard”, sharing nuanced responses.

engages the therapist or allied professionals’ capacity to learn from the patient and respond using the words of the patient. This therapeutic process establishes certain themes that become the foundation of treatment.

allows for an overall opportunity to have a higher level of appreciation of the client’s reporting in session and bring a deeper understanding to the therapist of their reactions and how to convey these ideas as an insight for the therapist’s growth.

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