Check-Up for Emotional Health

Check-Up for Emotional Health
Rochelle Anixt Gold, LMSW, MA

Here is a great place to refocus your mind

The breeze in the blossoms is like a dance of life demonstrating a renewal of good will and self-determination. Taking a stroll communing with new growth from the ground up can engage our spirit and motivate us to renew a pledge toward health and personal gain – from the smallest to the biggest steps we might take in our lives. Taking a stroll “away” from the asphalt and forces that require our attention to the softer cushion of the earthy path is a simpler, quieter moment that can be healing. We all have had and continue to have personal burdens as well as shared burdens during the year of 2020. To look in a new direction and away from the humdrum pursuits that yank at us to stay organized and well, may worry us and cause us to be exhausted, is to yearn for a bigger life that holds promise and the expectation of new chances to be successful and achieved. To gaze up as the dancing branches are reaching for the sky is to see the big picture, enhancing our opportunities for happiness and enrichment of the soul. Refocusing and renewing a positive spirit gives us a time to think, be private, and allows our mind to adapt as nature does.

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